November 17th, 2013 § 0 comments

Well, I found a way around my kinematic trigger problem for the time being. Turns out that unlike with the 3D physics engine, the 2D physics engine allows changing the transform of an object directly in the script (without going through the physics engine) and still updates the position, etc. on time to detect collisions. I think I’m just lucky, as that’s not guaranteed, so once this Unity bug is fixed, I’ll be checking all the kinematic and trigger boxes appropriately. But, whatever, it works for now. No complaints here!

So, basically, this build is mostly nothing new, and in some ways not as up-to-date as the previous build. I need to remake the rudimentary main menu from before. But now we have a ball to knock around with explosions! And the resolution has been doubled – or, more accurately, the pixel-size has been halved. Those barrels are so tiny, now…

Nothing much else to say. Hurray for progress! However very minute that progress might be.

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