There are, you know, problems, and stuff, you know?

November 16th, 2013 § 0 comments

Been a while since my last update. Also been a while since I really spent a lot of time with my little project. Number one reason? I’m pretty sure Unity’s 2D physics are a little buggy at the moment. It’s a bit discouraging, because I don’t want to go back to using the 3D physics (in part because it’s more costly for no benefit and in part because it has its own problems, as detailed previously). The bug? Basically, Kinematic Rigidbody Trigger Colliders are not sending the trigger message! What’s that mean? A collider is what the physics engine uses to detect collisions between two objects. If it’s marked as a trigger, it will fire a trigger message onto any object with which it collides. Rigidbodies are how the physics engine knows to treat the object like an actual physical object. It’ll react to other collisions, gravity, etc. If it’s marked as kinematic, it no longer moves according to the physics engine – the game logic must handle all movement. Sometimes things like the player avatar are kinematic until physics should take over – such as when the Mario falls off a platform, for example. Naturally, that all worked perfectly with the 3D physics engine, so I’m fairly certain it’s a bug in Unity. There’s also the collision action matrix at the bottom of this page that very clearly shows that Kinematic Rigidbody Trigger Colliders should send a trigger message. Yeah, yeah, that’s the matrix for 3D colliders, but I can’t find one for 2D colliders. And there’s no reason they shouldn’t act the same! Anyway, it’s a problem. It’s annoying. I should probably just get over it and work on something else in the meantime, like the HUD, the score system, ponder some design, I dunno. But! I really wanted to bring the native 2D version up to parity with the previous RagePixel version before moving on to anything new. It’s annoying! Heh.

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